Friday, September 5, 2008

N96 finally shipping!

Nokia finally announced the immediate availability of the N96. No word yet on the availability of the Americas version.

New USB data/charging cable

Although the N96 does not natively support USB charging (as the N95, it has a 2mm fast-charging port), you can still charge and transfer data with the CA-126 cable.

It has a regular USB interface on the PC side, and the Nokia 2mm charger interface, plus the standard micro USB interface, on the other side.

So this should also work with the N82 and N78.
Or you can transfer data to your phone and charge your Bluetooth headset at the same time.

Lights... Camera.... Action! N96 to support American 3G bands too!

Nokia just announced the American version of the Nokia N96. You can now see the updated specifications on the main web site as well. The N96-3 version supports WCDMA 1900 and 850 bands, as well as Quad-band GSM.

No word yet on any North American operator offering the device. But at, the unlocked version of the device is offered already.